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My name is Van Lonch and I’ve been a tour guide and worked in the tour service management industry for ten years here in Cambodia. My team and I have a vast knowledge of the local area, the people and the history of the Angkor complex. Our expertise provides you with the opportunity to learn about our ancient heritage, the temples and so many more magical experiences and sights that Cambodia has to offer. We will the give you the chance to see so much more than temples. You will be able to experience rustic markets, floating villages, the largest fresh water lake in South East Asia, bird parks, cultural dances and so many more breathtaking sights. With our trust worthy service and recommended expertise, we aim to give our customers the chance to sit back, relax and fully enjoy your time spent here in Siem Reap. Let us manage and organize your tour for you and provide you with a service that’s hassle free, here at this awe-inspiring world heritage site.

We can arrange spectacular tours for you that will be treasured forever. If it’s just a one day tour to a weeks tour or more, we’ll take care of everything. These tours will include all the major attractions in and around the temple complex or something else that is more suited to your interests or needs. We arrange the guides, the transport and even your accommodation, ensuring a headache free time. Tours off the beaten track and special day trips to other places of interest can be organized separately or included in your tour package. I am capable of providing numerous guides that speak many different languages. Our team will allocate you with guides that can competently speak the language you desire. All guides that we use have an expansive knowledge of the temples and local area and ensure that the time you spend here at Angkor will be a pleasant and informative one. Our guides have worked as professional full time guides for many years, and will be happy to answer any questions you might have about any of the temples you will visit. Providing guides that can speak English, French or Japanese is not a problem as the majority of tourists that visit angkor speak these languages. Guides that speak different languages can also be arranged and will differ in cost depending on the language you wish for. Please feel free to contact us if you require a guide that speaks your prefered language.

LanguagesPricesSunrise Additional
English Speaking$35$10
Mandarin Speaking$65$10
Russian Speaking$65$10
German Speaking$65$10
Spanish Speaking$65$10
French Speaking$45$10
Japanese Speaking$50$10
Vietnamese Speaking$50$10
Thai Speaking$45$10
Korean Speaking$70$10

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Siem Reap Tour Guide

My name Mr. Kriss and I’ve been arranged tour guide and worked in the tour service management industry for more than 15 years here in...